Many games that have embraced cross-play have been able to grow and sustain their respective communities for prolonged periods. It appears this modern revolution isn't slowing down any time soon, either - with the upcoming game, RPG Maker MV, expected to unite Nintendo Switch and Xbox One owners once again.

According to multiple Japanese sources, players will be able to share game data between the Xbox One and Switch version of the game. It's also been confirmed Kadokawa Games are publishing the title in Japan under the name "RPG Tsukuru MV Trinity" and will release it on 15th November for ¥8,424. In addition to this, a free software player will be released - allowing players to download and play the created games. The PlayStation 4 version will not participate in the collective fun. 

Keep an eye out for more details about this cross-play feature soon. As for the western release, it's expected to arrive at some point later this year.

Are you excited RPG Maker MV will include cross-play support? Do you want to see more games support cross-console play?

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