Ratalaika Games has announced Tetra's Escape for Nintendo Switch, a puzzle-platformer developed by ABX Games.

As you can probably tell from the video above, this game is all about blocks. It's down to you, as the player, to do everything you can to save them, making use of their special abilities. Through shape-shifting, your tetra blocks can turn into different tetrominoes - forming those classic Tetris shapes we've all come to know and love - before being used to fill holes and master puzzles in an attempt to reach the portal on the other side of the level.

Your blocks can take a variety of different shapes, paving the way for your characters to move around each level. In the trailer, we see blocks being used to create staircases that help you to reach the end goal; it seems like a rather relaxing puzzle adventure that could be a lovely little way to pass the time. Here are some features for you to cast your eyes over:

- 7 hours’ worth of content, which includes 64 levels to beat
- Increasing difficulty
- Conventional 3 star system with Bonus Trophy
- Explanatory images to walk you through Tetra’s abilities, which includes: Block Jumps, rotations, mirror effects, transformations, bombs for undoing transformations and more!
- Original Soundtrack by Levi Bond

Exact release information is yet to be revealed, with more details promised to be shared closer to launch.

Do you think this little puzzler could end up being downloaded to your Switch? Let us know your initial thoughts with a comment below.