New eShop

One of the biggest criticisms against the Switch’s slick OS is the rather barebones eShop. Though it served its purpose well at launch, the storefront is quite utilitarian in its design and many developers and fans alike have expressed desire for Nintendo to spruce things up a bit. Though the company has said in the past that the eShop was intentionally made that way, baby steps have been made on this front over the months, and a new update has just gone live to add more to it.

If you go on to the Switch eShop now, there’s a new “Featured” tab in which Nintendo can showcase new, upcoming, and older titles that may have slipped off the charts. Additionally, the charts now feature thirty games at a time, and you can choose between two lists: All Games and Download-Only Games. Sure, it’s no browsing music, but this is a change that’s been a long time coming and shows that Nintendo is indeed interested in listening to fan feedback in the growth of the eShop.

What do you think? Are you glad this change has been made? What else would you like to see Nintendo change or add? Share your thoughts in the comments below.