Creators Contest

A few months ago, Nintendo launched its line of fascinating new carboard accessories known as Labo, which allow players to use their Joy-Con and Switch in fascinating and inventive new ways. Though there haven’t been any more packs announced since launch, it always seemed like the kind of initiative that would work well being integrated into Nintendo’s main line up, rather like how amiibo are often supported. Today, Nintendo announced the first steps forward with the concept, as you can now utilize Labo in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The implementation is simple and elegant; you can now use the Toy-Con motorbike attachment to drive karts or bikes in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, much like the wheel attachment that launched a while ago. On top of this, Nintendo is also holding a second Labo contest, with two different categories up for competition this time in North America, and three in Europe.

For North American players, the first category asks that you make a musical instrument and the second asks that you make a game. Both will be judged on quality, creativity, and spirit, and Nintendo asks that you upload a YouTube video demonstrating the invention.

European players can enter either a 'creation', using the Toy-Con Garage to come up with anything you like; a 'customisation', which must utilise stickers, pens, paints, or any other artistic materials you can find; or the 'kids' category, in which children up to the age of 12 can submit an original Toy-Con creation or customisation.

Prizes up for grabs include a custom Labo-themed Switch and dock in both regions - with Labo-themed Joy-Con for finalists, and North American entrants can also win a special Labo jacket and a framed certificate signed by the developers. The competition starts on 19th July and runs till 20th August in the US, and 7th September in Europe. You can find more info on the contest at the European and North American Labo websites.

What do you think? Will you be entering the competition? What other Nintendo games could benefit from Labo compatibility? Share your thoughts in the comments below.