Celeste developer Matt Thorson has revealed via Twitter than he is bringing his previous game TowerFall to the Nintendo Switch.

The 2D mulitplayer action title began life on the Ouya Android console (remember that?) and was later released on other formats to incredibly positive reviews in 2014. 

In many ways, the Switch is the perfect platform for TowerFall's social gameplay; with a single console and four Joy-Con, you can have TowerFall tournaments anywhere.

Our pals over at Push Square gave the game 8/10, saying:

TowerFall Ascension is a game that relies heavily on your social life. The mechanics are entertaining, the presentation is charming, and the whole affair is top fun – assuming that you have some friends to play with. The lack of an online option is a great shame, but don’t let that deter you from the Quest mode, which is still good fun played solo. You’ll need pals to get the most out of this package, though, as multiplayer is where the release really shines.

Let us know if this is a title you'll be buying on Switch.