Finnish developer 10tons has announced the top-down fantasy RPG title Undead Horde is currently in development for Nintendo Switch. It's due for release in November 2018 for PC, so we imagine the Switch version should drop around the same time.

It places you in the questionable boots of a necromancer who uses his power to raise the dead to create an army commandable corpses. It's a hack and slash kind of experience with a splash of strategy for good measure, including the ability to swell your army with the cadavers of your fallen foes. So it's basically the Night King from Game Of Thrones in game form. Loot and items are also procedurially generated so there's a potential endless stream of things to find and equip on your journey to rid the world of all those pesky living people.

You can check out the official pre-Alpha trailer below for a taste of the unholy gameplay below. Dare you dabble in the dark arts later this year? Let us know...