We really loved the Switch rhythm game VOEZ when we reviewed it way back in March last year. Since then the game has been getting a steady stream of free updates to improve the game experience, along with new music tracks to enjoy. 

The latest v1.4 update which is now available for free to download, includes 14 new tracks as follows:

  • Return of the Prodigy by 来兎 feat. 聖奈 
  • yoyo 尼 by Checkmat
  • KIVΛ by Qualia
  • xi by FREEDOM DiVE
  • M2U by Masquerade
  • KillerBlood by The Black Case
  • eyemedia by Violet
  • そんなに私を期待させないで by 上村叶恵
  • Rainbow Light by こふ 
  • Don’t stop the moment by Tattsu
  • MilK by モリモリあつし
  • Sky Love Fantasia by stereoberry
  • Meteor Lights by s-don
  • Magical Toy Box by Shiron + xi

This now brings the total of tracks to an impressive 174 Japanese and Korean pop tracks, all of which work really well with the visualisations in the game.

Let us know if you've checked this out yet with a comment below. We're quite partial to a bit of Magical Toy Box ourselves.