Love them or hate them, the MSU-1 audio enhancement patches are here to stay and the effervescent, passionate community of hobbyist hackers and music producers at Zeldix have been on a non-stop roll of releases during this month. 

We've rounded up most of those projects on this news post and who knows, one of your old favourites might have just got an audio makeover.

It is an odd coincidence we have Irem's Super R-Type featuring in the news not once but twice in the same month. This early-generation Super Nintendo shmup can now be played to the soundtrack of the Playstation 4 exclusive R-Type Dimensions thanks to the combined efforts of PepilloPEV and FullGameZone.

While we eagerly wait for Nintendo to once again return us to video gaming's most famous flight club, you could do worse then replay the original Super Nintendo Pilotwings to a new soundtrack. Credit for this one is all on Kurrono.

Speaking of Kurrono, he also takes full credit for making Ultraman: Towards the Future slightly more tolerable for anyone outside of hardcore tokusatsu fans by replacing the game's soundtrack with the music from the TV show. The game remains awful, but at least it sounds epic.

Another first party Nintendo title and a massive undertaking by Conn, Kurrono and Enmet since Super Mario All-stars soundtrack features over ninety tracks spread across all four games. You are now able to replay some of the finest platform games ever made to a brand new, high quality soundtrack.

Warning: A huge MSU1 audio patch is approaching! (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves...). A new MSU1 shmup audio enhancement means that PepilloPEV has been on a roll as of late. Despite some technical difficulties that have stumped even Conn, you can now enjoy Taito's Darius Twin to the soundtrack of Darius Burst Chronicles (a game we would certainly welcome on the Switch, hint hint). If you are familiar with Zuntata's work you already know why this one is rather special.

Yuzo Koshiro is a celebrated music genius not only because of his mastery of chiptunes but because of his versatility and ability to get the possible best sound out of different hardware. Case in point: Super Adventure Island's unique tropical themed soundtrack, different in style to the Streets of Rage techno anthems or ActRaiser's symphonic suites. You can now give this soundtrack a new spin thanks to the efforts of PepilloPEV and Kurrono. Master Higgins approves!

The Super Nintendo version of SimCity is rather special; while keeping true to Will Wright's original city management simulator it also offers "the Nintendo touch" in several aspects of the game, such as your advisor Dr. Wright, Bowser replacing the unnamed giant lizard creature that attacks your city, the way the colours shift according to the seasons and the delightful soundtrack by Soyo Oka. Thanks to the combined efforts of PepilloPEV, FullGameZone and Car FlightGames you can now manage your city to success or ruin to a lovely high quality soundtrack.

Disney Pixar's revolutionary Toy Story can now be played to the PC CD-Rom red book audio or Sega Mega Drive's chiptune soundtrack thanks to PepilloPEV and Enmet. To infinity and beyond, indeed.

We will never truly get a definitive conclusion on whether Disney's Aladdin is a better game on Super Nintendo or Mega Drive - both are excellent in different ways. One thing we can be certain of is that by adding voice overs and the movie soundtrack to Capcom's version of the game, it is taken to the next level of brilliance. What was the that old saying again? "Arabian nights, like Arabian days,More often than not, Are hotter than hot In a lot of good ways!"

Last but not least is another huge undertaking by Conn along with daniloroxette who managed to replace the entire soundtrack of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Double Trouble with the Overclocked Remix album Double the Trouble. If you ever needed a excuse to replay Rare's final accomplishment on the Super Nintendo, this is a great one.

Any of your old favourites made the cut this time? What other Super Nintendo classics would you like to play along with digital audio? The comments sections is yours.