Looks like Retro-Bit is once again targeting retro gamer's wallets in early 2018 with a couple of exclusive physical re-releases. 

R-Typepe Returns will bring both excellent entries of the series exclusive to the Super Nintendo (Super R-Type and R-Type III: The Third Lightning) in a single multicart. This limited edition includes box, instruction manual, stickers, lithographs, a pin and a certificate of authenticity. The first run which is limited to one thousand units is currently letting costumers choose the desired cartridge colour.


NES fans need not feel left out because Retro-Bit is giving a similar treatment to another Irem retro game a new chance at the spotlight: the rather impressive Castlevania-like Holy Diver. The same exclusive thousand run physical treatment will be given to this challenging platformer, along with all the same extras you will get with the previous R-Type bundle.


Price points have not yet been disclosed or a solid release date other than "2018". Yet considering the amount of money currently a complete-in-the-box copy of R-Type III will set any SNES collector these are certainly enticing. You will be able to pick these two from Castlemania Games while Switch owners will look forward to further Irem games showing up on the system courtesy of Hamster's Arcade Archives.

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