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After the stellar Donkey Kong Country 2, people were wondering if the third game would be even more amazing. It was released very late in the SNES's lifecycle, so naturally it was expected that Rare would be pulling out all the stops.

In DK Country 3’s storyline, both DK and Diddy have been kidnapped. You're left with Dixie, from DKC2, who teams up with baby gorilla, Kiddy Kong. Kiddy plays similarly to DK in the first Donkey Kong Country, being heavy and slow with a rolling attack.

Most moves and features from previous games are back. There are barrels, you can get help from the other Kongs and Animal Buddies (Both old and new ones), there are team-up attacks (by piggybacking your partner) and a ton of collectibles, and the levels have a similar structure.

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Probably the biggest addition is the overworld map, in which you can move around freely (there are no "set paths" you can walk on, you can literally go anywhere). This lets you access smaller maps that function more like those in the previous two games. Of course, you can gradually access more. On the overworld map you can also find secret caves and an entire secret world (see if you can find it!). Also new are the Brother Bears - thirteen bears who all live in various places (both on the overworld map and on the smaller maps). A large trade sequence between them eventually gets you access to even more secret caves.

The game's visuals are fantastic for the SNES, with very detailed backgrounds and effects on things such as water. However, most of the now familiar enemies from DKC and DKC2 have been replaced with new ones. Most of these act the same, but it's still a bit strange. The soundtrack isn't as legendary as the one from DKC2, but it does have some great songs. The GBA rerelease of the game replaced the entire soundtrack with a new one; what a shame!


Aside from the few new features, DKC3 is pretty much just like the second game. Many people haven't played this one, but if you liked the previous two, you won't be disappointed. One would argue that it's slightly worse than DKC2, but it is still very much worthy of your attention.