January 25th is becoming quite the notable date for retro gamers who own a Nintendo Switch and we now have word of yet another reason to be excited for next week; Irem's 1986 Kid Niki: Radical Ninja (also known as Kaiketsu Yanchamaru in the Land of the Rising Sun) will join the platform and have the radical honor of becoming the second Irem produced game to be available on Nintendo's hybrid system.

The self-titled coolest Ninja in Feudal Japan discovers his girlfriend, Princess Margo, has been kidnapped by (we assume) evil Stone Wizard. A perfect plot setup for a seven-level platform/fighting adventure, with seven bosses and presumably not a single Dragon Ball in sight. Despite modest success at the arcades, Kid Niki soared greater heights at the hands of Data East after being ported to NES, even managing to spawn a couple of sequels plus a portable outing for the original DMG Game Boy.

After all these decades will Niki remain radical among Switch owners? We'll surely find out next week when it touches down with a price of £6.29 attached. Any particular memories from this Irem offering among our readers? Drop those comments like ninjas drop their foes in the comments section below.