Nintendo Switch shmup-heads are in for a treat next week when Zerodiv is once again blessing the eShop with another Psikyo classic. 

The follow up to Strikers 1945 will arrive January 25th and it will bring the Lightning and the Shinden back, but the rest of the squad will feature all new WW2 era airplanes: the Ta152 Focke-Wulf, the Hayate, the pride of the Royal Airforce De Havilland Mosquito and the "I can't believe this thing flies!" Vought V-173 Flying Pancake. 

As silly as that might sound, the Pancake actually fires a devastating homing laser, a perfect WW2-era weapon to take down WW2-era mechs of which there will be plenty in the game's eight levels. The major addition to this entry in the series is the new charge attack bar that replaces the previous game's options as your plane's unique super weapon.

Like previous Zerodiv offerings on the system, Strikers 1945 II will support both regular and TATE mode along with all the usual graphical tweaks such as scanlines. Were you a fan of the original or the series as a whole? Will you be lifting off to fight mechanized horrors once more next week? Do you cringe in your seat every time we write TATE? Bombs away on the comments section below.