Indie developer Infinite State Games has revealed that its current project Rogue Aces is now in the works for Nintendo Switch.

Previously only slated for other platforms, this 2D air-fighter will see players battle for air, sea, and ground supremacy while gradually upgrading their aircraft’s stats. You can see the Switch announcement from the developer's Twitter account below.

The game features a campaign made up of 100 randomly generated missions over a procedurally generated series of islands. If that's too easy for you, though, a 'Veteran Campaign' will also be included, removing all training aids to leave you with a much heftier challenge.

There is no news on a release window as of yet, but with time attack, arcade, and survival modes also being thrown in for good measure, Rogue Aces could well turn into a very intriguing title for the console. Do you like the look of this one? Let us know with a comment.