As previously reported from printed promotional materials, HAMSTER will indeed bring out the second Nintendo Arcade Archive title next week (along with a fantastic Neo Geo shmup). It's confirmed for the Japanese eShop, though we'd be surprised if the European and North American stores don't match the same release date.

VS. Super Mario Bros. will bring the arcade spin of the NES classic into our homes; it's a version with some unique twists. Fewer Warp Pipes means you can't warp your way to the end as easily as in the original, there are also less power-up blocks and more enemy placements. In addition you'll find six new levels that were unique to the arcade before later being reused in Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. In short, this game was made harder to both test your skills and your coin purse capacity.

Considering the current lack of Virtual Console for the Switch, will you be interested in giving this one a go next week? Or will the new added difficulty put you off? Save the Princess in the comment section below.

[source japanesenintendo.com, via ec.nintendo.com]