Nintendo Life shmup heads rejoice, for next week Hamster is bringing the forerunner to Blazing Star to the eShop!

It has been long rumoured (but never confirmed) that developer Aicom was a set up by ex-Jaleco and Irem staffers, so if you happen to feel that Pulstar feels a little bit too close to R-Type, it might not be a mere coincidence. 

This 1995 arcade release was the first Neo Geo game to feature pre-rendered graphics, the same kind of that were pushing the industry forward one year previously with Donkey Kong Country. Unlike its hectic sequel, Pulstar is a far more slow-paced shmup, one that requires a different set of skills to tackle: enemy pattern memorization, navigation and the correct choice of weapons for each section are key for smooth sailing on this one.

A rather welcome surprise as this year races to the end and once again Hamster clearly shows that does not care for a coherent timeline, with prequels showing up months after sequels, just to keep us guessing. 

Will you take on the role of '90s anime girl pilot Kaoru Yamazaki at the controls of the Dino246 ship next week? Take off in the comments section below!

[source japanesenintendo.com]