Super Famicom.jpg

In Japan, 5th October marks the release of the Super Famicom Classic Mini. Following the SNES Classic Edition / Mini last week, the “Sufami Mini” is now ready to buy! It too comes with 21 games, though the lineup is slightly different. Don't worry, importers, Star Fox 2 is included. As for outward appearances, it's nearly identical to the European SNES Classic except for the box, which retains that iconic, simple design in four basic colours.

Like the Famicom Mini released last year, the Japanese version hid out in the background while the Western versions took the majority of the press. It was officially announced, but cancelled preorders and scalping also made the news. Almost all of Summer had gone without any mention of pre-orders in Japan. 

When the announcement of pre-orders was made, it got buried under the same announcement that the NES and Famicom Minis were being reissued in 2018. Pre-orders opened on 16th September - only four days after the announcement. Most of those were done in-store on a one per household basis and only a few were done online; it was done this way to curb scalping. On top of that, on 16th September all of Japan was hit with a typhoon, which likely prevented some from securing a pre-order.

But not me! I've held on to my pre-order form for dear life and finally brought one home! So let's take a look at what's in the box and compare it to other Super Famicom items, including the Club Nintendo Wii classic controller and Super Famicom 3DS LL.

If you opted to import one of these, here's hoping it makes its way to you soon. Let us know in the comments if you're enjoying your mini 16-bit system or if you're still hoping to get one in the future. Also be sure to check out GTV for more gaming content out of Japan.