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The Super NES Classic is, as predicted by many, proving to be more elusive than a stable Pokémon GO connection in Chicago. Pre-orders were a bit of a farce in the UK, and they've taken an age to appear in North America. Some retailers in the US did start opening pre-orders at the weekend, however, with stock unsurprising selling out in rapid time.

Unfortunately Walmart appears to have listed the system in error, or that's the official line. A number of buyers that nabbed pre-orders in the brief period they were live have started to be notified that their order is cancelled. Multiple people have been told that the product was put live too early.


This was then loosely verified by the company on Twitter.

Not all have reported that their orders are cancelled; it's either a matter of time as Walmart processes cancellations, or perhaps there is a small confirmed allocation that is being honoured at this stage.

In any case it's not an ideal scenario, though the product will surely be available for pre-order again in the future; some retailers are showing movement in North America, so it's worth monitoring.

Have you been affected by a Walmart cancellation?

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