Yes please!

If you're one of the many people who purchased Super Mario Odyssey last week then chances are you're already gripped by the desire to find as many Power Moons as possible. These collectable items are key to the game's longevity, and are hidden away all over each of its varied worlds.

The trouble is, the map doesn't actually tell you where they are. Sure, the locations of some will pop up at certain points but the vast majority don't get marked on the map until you either ask a friendly Toad to point them out (for a 50 coin fee) or use an amiibo - the latter being a much better option, even if many players totally overlook it.

We're loathe to call this a "hint" because Uncle amiibo - the robot who makes this process possible - is easy enough to find on each level. Chat with him and he'll ask if you want to tap an amiibo character. Do this, and he'll send that amiibo off into the level to find the location of a Power Moon. The catch is that it takes five minutes for the location to be confirmed, but on the upside you can tap up to three amiibo at any one time. Return to Uncle amiibo when the time has elapsed and he'll update your map. You can then send three amiibo back out into the level to find more.

Using this method, it's possible to unearth the locations of many Power Moons in a short space of time. Given that many Nintendo fans have an aversion to amiibo it's quite possible that they will unfairly ignore this mechanic, but it's another way Nintendo is making those NFC-enabled figures valuable. We honestly don't know where we'd be without it in our quest to find all the Power Moons. It should also be noted that certain amiibo give you bonuses in game - so be sure to try all of yours out.