After the Snake Pass game icon debacle which ran to 16 pages of annoyance and jokes on NeoGAF we thought we had seen an end to unconventional game icons on the Nintendo Switch. We overlooked Sonic Mania's rather minimalist icon as the game itself was so good.

But now the can of worms has been opened up again with the imminent arrival of Lego Worlds on the Switch later this week. A few lucky Lego fans have got their hands on the game early and have voiced their displeasure about the choice of game icon:

Lego Worlds Switch Icon

It is minimalist to say the least, but not offensive as such. At least not in our humble opinion, but it certainly seems to have attracted the ire of many on NeoGAF. One forum user quickly booted up PhotoShop to show WB Games how it could be improved:

Lego Worlds Switch Icon (fixed)

A screengrab of Nintendo's own guidelines given to developers has been doing the rounds, which does make you wonder why nobody at Nintendo is enforcing this policy:

Nintendo's own guidelines given to developers

As we said above, we don't hate the icon; it's just the lack of consistency with other Switch game icons which makes it look a bit out of place. Then again, there are bigger events taking place in the world right now and a game icon looking "a bit different" is perhaps bottom of the pile.

Let us know your thoughts on this latest Switch game icon debate with a comment below.