Snake Pass is a real gem in the early Switch library, it's a fresh experience that will keep you engaged until the very end. Solid visuals, unconventional gameplay, a memorable soundtrack and a decent amount of replay value make this well worth your time. The development team over at Sumo Digital did a fantastic job and we absolutely loved the game in our review.

It seems as if everyone else loved the game too, until the fateful day on the 21st June when the stellar game was updated to add a time trial mode. You may have noticed that the Switch menu icon changed from this inoffensive and pleasant icon:

2017033112041600-57b4h1kws.jpg this shovelware smartphone app style abomination:


Since this update there has been a barrage of demands from players to revert back to the old icon:

That is just a small selection of comments along these lines, some even use naughty words.

Now there is also a NeoGAF thread entitled "Snake Pass, and how a bad home menu icon drags down my enjoyment of a game", it predictably features lots of comments from folks saying how much they hate the icon too and some suggestions for alternatives which could be fun...


So with all these protests you might imagine that the lovely folks over at Sumo Digital would quickly attempt to rectify this egregious decision, but they are sticking to their guns. This menu icon is going to stay, suck it up chumps:

We love you guys, we really do but for the love of everything that is holy please change it back.