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It's time for another Nintendo Download Update, and it's a very busy line-up to get through. The Switch has five retail titles to consider, and also some terrific download-only options. The 3DS stand-outs are a couple of Pokémon classics, while the Wii U Virtual Console doesn't completely miss out. Let's get to the details.

Switch Retail Downloads

Pokkén Tournament DX (Nintendo, $59.99USD) - The second 'DX' title to make the transition from Wii U to Nintendo Switch, this Pokémon fighter includes five new playable characters (four from the arcade, one new), more assist Pokémon and some new modes / online options. All told it's an expanded version of a title that was already pretty good in its original guise - we gave it a strong recommendation in our Pokkén Tournament DX reviewAvailable from 22nd September.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Bandai Namco, $49.99USD) - It's finally arrived on the Switch in the West, a title that boasts of some unique features on Nintendo's system. In addition to online options it offers local play for 3 vs 3 battles and co-op raid boss battles for six players; it also throws in some motion controls using the Joy-Con, if that's your sort of thing. We enjoyed it in our Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 review. Available from 22nd September.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game (WB Games, $59.99USD) - Released to coincide with the equivalent movie, this will add some ninja action to the LEGO formula, with '8 action packed locations' promised along with Battle Maps in which four players can duke it out. Available from 22nd September.

Sine Mora EX (THQ Nordic, $29.99USD) - A shoot 'em up originally developed by Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture, this is a stylish shooter in which you can slow down time. It has a mature, gritty story to work through, along with other modes for pick up and play sessions. Unfortunately some of the 'EX' add-ons are underwhelming (to put it mildly), but we still gave it a modest recommendation in our Sine Mora EX review. Available from 26th September.

Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase (Dispatch Games, $29.99USD) - This is an arcade puzzle game that goes its own way, not quite doing the same thing as the likes of Puyo Puyo and Tetris. The concept has origins in the early '90s Jaleco range, though this release has various modes to keep things interesting and also multiplayer support. We gave this a whirl in some E3 impressions earlier this year.

Switch eShop

Arcade Archives Mario Bros. (Nintendo / HAMSTER, $7.99USD) - Announced in a recent Direct, essentially various Nintendo arcade games will get the 'ACA' treatment, with options to adjust displays and difficulty settings. First up is the original classic Mario Bros. arcade, in which Mario and Luigi (multiplayer is supported) flip over Koopas down in the sewers. Available from 27th September.

SteamWorld Dig 2 (Image & Form, $19.99USD) - The long awaited sequel arrives and makes its mark on the Switch, with its unique blend of digging, exploration, platforming and combat. This expands and improves upon the 2013 original and keeps the SteamWorld series up to temperature; we loved this in our SteamWorld Dig 2 review.

Thimbleweed Park (Terrible Toybox, $19.99USD) - Produced by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, this is a game that will remind point-and-click veterans of the SCUMM / LucasArts days of PC gaming; that means retro visuals, cutting humour and satire, and puzzles sure to leave you scratching your head. We had a great time solving its mysteries in our Thimbleweed Park review.

Art of Fighting (HAMSTER, $7.99USD) - Yep, a Neo Geo fighting game, this one had impressive - for the time - touches like camera zooms and characters getting increasingly bloodied during battle. Unfortunately we weren't at all impressed when we reviewed this on the Wii back in 2007, but will give it another look.

Switch eShop Game Update

Flip Wars (Nintendo) - Once downloaded, this free update adds a new stage, new mechanics, local wireless multiplayer, Class Matches and a new online battle mode.

3DS Virtual Console

Pokémon Gold and Silver (Nintendo, $9.99USD each) - Originally released on the Game Boy Color these games hit Japan in 1999, with the North American and European launches taking place in 2000 and 2001 respectively. These versions support local wireless battles and trading, while also being compatible with Pokémon Bank. Available from 22nd September.

New Nintendo 3DS eShop

36 Fragments of Midnight (Ratalaika Games, $2.99USD) - A procedurally generated platformer in which each attempt consists of finding and collection 36 fragments, all while dodging various dangers. We considered this to be quite average in our review of the Switch version.

Frutakia 2 (Crazysoft, $3.95USD) - Part slot machine, part puzzle game, in this one you try to match three or more animals as you have control over moving rows up and down. 

GUIDE THE GHOST (RCMADIAX, $1.49USD) - In this game you control a yellow diamond on the bottom screen in order to avoid dangers such as white squares and lines.

Wii U Virtual Console

Shockman (Konami, $5.99USD) - The consistent run of TG-16 games on the Wii U continues with this action platformer, and a nice touch is support for local co-op. It's a decent game all told, though in our Wii review we don't think it stands up to the greats of its era.

Chew Man Fu (Konami, $5.99USD) - Another TG-16 arrival, this is a game that not many will be familiar with. At heart it's a top down puzzle game, as you try to push coloured boulders into the correct spot, while there's also a multiplayer mode and puzzle editor. We quite enjoyed this in our Wii Virtual Console Chew Man Fu review back in 2007.

As always Nintendo of America wants you to browse the eShop and check out the official sales and deals website for discount details.

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