In a move that is sure to turn quite a few heads both inside and outside of Nintendo's legal department, the fan-made Super Mario 64 Online has been released by Kaze Emanuar. After an extended test period, the author deemed the current build ready for public consumption, and you can check the release trailer below.

Unlike the DS version of Super Mario 64 that only allows for four players to duke it out in Battle Mode, this release - that currently only runs on Windows PCs - actually has the whole game world available for up to 24 players, which is no small feat; the idea of multiplayer at that level in the classic game is certainly intriguing. Download links via that video's description are getting hammered, however, as fans know that efforts like this often get takedown notices.

While we are sure there have to be quite a few people at Nintendo right about now shaking their heads, we can't help but smile at the possibilities of running around with another twenty three Waluigis around Peach's Castle.

Perhaps one day we will see something along these lines from Nintendo itself? Fingers crossed...

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