Persistant Studios has announced that twin-stick shooter Boiling Bolt will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. The game (originally released for PC) features 2D gameplay with 3D graphics and two player co-op across all game modes. Enemies strategically work together to take down your ship whilst you change between an arsenal of weapons to fight back. There is even a time distorting weapon known as a "Time Breaker" that slows down time. 

The plot follows protagonist June, a young rebel battling the oppressors that have ruled the world for decades. After discovering a ship containing a mysterious relic known as a "Boiling Bolt fragment", you must use its power to help restore the planet. 

You can watch the introductory gameplay trailer below:

Boiling Bolt will be on display during Gamescom 2017 where more information around the Switch port is likely to be revealed. 

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