If you are lucky enough to have a Nintendo Switch, we trust you have been enjoying the ARMS Global Testpunch demos that gave a feel for the game before its release later this month.

To get us psyched for all things ARMS Nintendo has already treated us to introductory videos for Twintelle, Kid Cobra and Byte & Barq, who weren't originally available to play in the Testpunch (though Twintelle was added in the second weekend). Now it's the turn of Ninjara, who it turns out was the most popular character to play as in the Testpunch.

Ninjara of course is the student of stealth from the prestigious Rasen Ninjutsu University. He's quite handy with the Chakram, but is also fond of the Buff and Triblast weapon options to pummel his stretchy armed opponents.

He's been known to use his ninja abilities to disappear and reappear to give him a strategic advantage. Have a watch of the video above and let us know if he's the fighter for you in ARMS.

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