The world of gaming enthusiasts brings us some very cool things, and the Switch has certainly inspired its fair share of mods and neat ideas. The Nintendo Switch Pocket Dock SP undoubtedly qualifies, which is the work of CptnAlex on Instagram.

As you can see above we have a Game Boy Advance shell repurposed with the Switch dock connector and the necessary HDMI and USB outputs. The modder "realized the circuitboard (in the Switch dock) was pretty much the exact same size as a Game Boy Advance SP", so the idea fell into place.

Though described as a 'crude' mod, there are clever touches. For instance the SP's top screen has an added foam strip to help support the Switch, and a hole has even been placed so that the dock connector is protected when the SP is closed.

And for those that would doubt it works, the video below shows it in action.

It's a neat idea, and a good way to make some fun use of any defective Game Boy Advance SP systems you may have lying around.

Thanks to all that sent this in.