Nintendo, as it likes to drop big announcements through press releases and social media posts, has confirmed the rumours and unveiled the Super NES Classic Edition (NA) / The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL). Let's just call it the SNES Mini from this point on for clarity.

It's not just the names that are different this time (as was mostly the case with the NES), as each region's unit adopts the design differences seen in the original hardware.

SNES MiniEU.jpg

The lists of games seem identical, with 21 included - the headline is undoubtedly the stunning release of Star Fox 2. The unreleased title will finally see the light of day; you can read all about its history here. The other difference is that you get two controllers in the box, whereas the NES Mini had one. That makes sense in terms of supporting some of the multiplayer games included, and balances out the value; that said this one will have 9 less games and a suggested price of $79.99USD, $20 higher than the NES Mini.

With release coming in late September, then, there's not too long to wait (and hopefully Nintendo is lining up plenty of stock). The big question is, are you excited about this and planning to get one? We want to know, so hit up the polls and comments below with all of your thoughts on the Super NES Classic Edition.

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