We love a relaxing bullet hell shmup here at Nintendo Life, so we were delighted to hear that Danmaku Unlimited 3 will be heading over to the Switch eShop later this year. 

Developed by Doragon Entertainment, a one-man indie game studio based in Vancouver Canada with a passion for old school shooters and Japanese robot animations, this game is said to be inspired by legendary classics like Ikaruga, Dodonpachi and Touhou

This lovingly crafted medley contains some of the best aspects of Japanese bullet hell games, but it should also be accessible to newcomers to the bullet hell genre of shmups.

Here are a few nuggets of extra info from the developer:

- Lovingly crafted high octane old-school arcade action in modern 60FPS HD graphics
- Medley of the best aspects of classic Japanese Bullet Hell shooters with its own innovative twist
- Epic campaign across 2 unique game modes each with their own mechanics and scoring
- NEW Ultra-wide mode offers a fresh expansive game-play experience from previous versions.
- Tons of weapon customization and extra unlocks
- Brand new SPIRIT/GRAZE system gives beginners an exciting and stylish experience while rewarding skillful high risk plays that genre veterans are capable of
- Rocking soundtrack by the talented indie circle Blankfield from Tokyo
- TATE mode for the ultimate recreation of the arcade machine experience

Do you plan to pick this up when it pops up on the Switch eShop later this year? Rotate your Switch into TATE mode and let us know your thoughts with a comment below.