The plush toy company Build-A-Bear has announced that the water-type Pokémon Squirtle will be the latest to join their range. The small turtle Pokémon is one of three original starters and has gone on to become a fan favourite, with its popularity only increasing since making its debut in the anime under "The Squirtle Squad" persona. 

An online-only Squirtle set is arriving this June and will include a 14" plushie of the 'mon with a matching sound chip that will replicate its iconic cry. Along with this, the package includes a raincoat, a Ultra Ball hoodie and a Pokémon card exclusive to Build-A-Bear. The set will be made purchasable for $60 (£46.00 approx). 


Squirtle Raincoat.jpg

Squirtle Ultraball.jpg

You can also visit Build-A-Bear stores in the US, UK, and Canada to make your own version of the plush toy. This will include the Ultra Ball hoodie, but will not feature the sound chip or raincoat due to their web exclusivity. 

Squirtle is the fourth Pokémon to join the Build-A-Bear lineup with previous fan favorites Pickachu, Charmander and Eevee all receiving the same treatment. These toys tend to sell out instantly so if you want one, you need to act fast.

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