Build-A-Bear is a charming chain of stores that isn't afraid to jump into the hottest trends in popular culture. It's not slow to offer Darth Vader bears when Star Wars is all the rage, and of course began to make hay while the Pokémon GO sun was shining.

With Pokémon Sun and Moon now a hot thing, it's adding more 'mon to the range. Now available is a build-your-own Charmander, pictured below.


The online set includes Lucario and Great Ball hoodies, along with an exclusive TGC card.

Charmander dressed up.jpg

That set is now live online in the UK (it's worth checking your local Build-A-Bear website), and this one is due in UK branches of the stores on 8th December; the in-store set doesn't include the Lucario hoodie, and you have to 'add' the Great Ball outfit. Get your parent's credit card, unless you're an older fan with a love of cuddly toys.

In any case, it's more cool Pokémon merchandise; let us know if it's got you all hot and bothered.