Dragon Quest XI will be hitting the PS4 and 3DS on July 29th in Japan, but Square Enix is acting like the Switch version doesn't exist - despite the fact that series creator Yuji Horii has already confirmed that it's coming.

After letting the cat out of the bag Horii is now keeping strangely quiet about the Switch version. During a recent livestream, he - along with producer Yosuke Saito - was asked about the Switch edition, and when players could expect to see it.

Saito stated that there were no solid details to share, but news will come eventually, adding that "circumstances of adults" were to blame for the lack of information. Horii - amused by Saito's choice of words - confirmed that "various circumstances”" meant that nothing more could be shared at this stage.

There's naturally quite a bit of room for speculation here, but it could be that Square Enix has been instructed by Nintendo to keep silent until launch in order to give the 3DS version the best chance of commercial success. Perhaps Nintendo wishes to include Dragon Quest XI in part of its E3 presentation, and is keeping it out of sight for maximum impact. Whatever the reason, we know it's coming - and it should make a pretty impressive addition to the Switch library.

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[source dualshockers.com]