New technology often comes with teething troubles, and the Switch is no exception. We've already had widespread reports regarding disconnection problems with the left-hand Joy-Con controller as well as complaints that the Switch dock is actually scratching the screen of the console.

However, this new issue is perhaps the most dramatic of the lot. A poster on Reddit has submitted an image which appears to show a warped Switch system, possibly the result of the console becoming too hot when docked. They're not the only one, either - the replies on Reddit include other Switch owners who claim that the same thing has happened to their system.

As to why this could be happening, it's not entirely clear - perhaps the fact that the console gets so hot when docked the plastic is simply bending at the warmest point? Or maybe the units suffering from this issue have manufacturing defects which are causing the change in shape? Some have voiced the opinion that the battery could be to blame, but that's actually on the opposite side of the system.

Perhaps it's nothing to do with the dock at all? Nintendo Life reader Collin Roche - an aerospace engineer, so he knows what he's talking about - has pointed out that sometimes when the Switch is in a carry case the screen fires up and doesn't turn off:

Once or twice in the past I would put my switch into sleep mode, and for some reason it would kick the screen back on while I was traveling. I would open the case to find the thing hot as hades. I now make a point to turn off the console fully whenever I am traveling with it and don't expect to take it out often.

Whatever the explanation, we imagine that Nintendo will act quickly to solve the problem - assuming it's a genuine issue and the original Reddit poster didn't put the system in their back pocket before sitting down, of course.

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