All things considered, the release of the Nintendo Switch has been a success - but like all console launches, it hasn't been without its niggles. The saga of the left Joy-Con and its ability to magically disconnect at inopportune times has been widely reported, but we're also hearing that some users are experiencing issues with the Switch dock - namely its penchant for leaving scratches on the console's display.

Careful insertion and removal of your system means that you're unlikely to suffer from this problem, but just in case, Nintendo Life reader Patrik Westlin has been kind enough to come up with a DIY fix which safeguards that lovely 6.2-inch screen from any potential punishment.

Using a stick-on floor protector procured from IKEA ("cause that's what I had at home", states Westlin), you can create a quartet of 35-38mm long, 4-5mm wide strips which can then be stuck to the inside of the dock, as shown in the photos below.


The floor protector is about 2.6-2.7mm thick so it provides quite a snug fit for the Switch itself, but at least you know no harm will come from docking the system in the future. Westlin says that a black floor protector might prove more "aesthetically pleasing" than the example he has shown here. Of course, there are other potential materials you could use as well - basically anything which can be affixed to the inside of the dock and has a soft surface which won't leave any marks on the display.

Have you experienced any scratches on your Switch since launch? Have you invested in a screen protector, or will you be following Westlin's guide and "fixing" the dock? Let us know with a comment.