Pokemon Sun and Moon

Although Pokémon Sun and Moon have done quite well critically and commercially--breaking many records in the latter category--it seems as though the games have been having trouble with maintaining player involvement. Global missions are run about once per month and task the playerbase with achieving a certain goal through collective effort, though the two that have happened in past months both fell short of their goals. Now, this month's mission has been revealed, and it's a bit different than before.

The new mission will involve trading as many Pokémon as possible through the GTS, though specifics haven't been announced yet regarding details or the actual goal that's being attempted. If we were to bet, this mission will likely have a much more conservative and achievable goal; Game Freak probably doesn't want to be responsible for three consecutive failures in this sense. The mission goes live on 31st January, and will run for two weeks until 14th February.

What do you think? Did you contribute to the last two missions? Do you think this one will succeed? Drop us a comment in the section below.

[source serebii.net]