What can you say? People love Mario. After previously surpassing 40 million downloads in its first four days since becoming available on the App Store, the plumber has already taken another milestone. Nintendo of Europe has announced that Super Mario Run has now reached 50 million downloads worldwide.

To celebrate this accomplishment Nintendo is giving away 10 Rally Tickets to every player. To claim this gift, load up the app and speak to the red toad in the top-left hand corner of the screen; make sure you have enough room as you can only own 99 tickets at one time.

Currently, in the UK, the game sits top of the app store charts for free downloads, however for top grossing the game has slipped down to sixth place; interestingly Pokémon GO is placed directly above in fifth position. With the average review at 2.5 stars, Nintendo will be looking to improve that overall rating as it heads for 60 million downloads - there are some important areas to address.

What do you think of Super Mario Run? Will it reach 60 million downloads?

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