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Super Mario Run has had a mixed launch, it's fair to say, something we wrote about recently; it's had staggering highs and quite a few lows in its first week.

Some broader figures have started to emerge. Nintendo, for its part, has given an official (albeit broad) number for downloads over launch, stating that the app exceeded 40 million downloads in its first four days, described as a record launch for the App Store. Estimates had already come up with similar figures, but now they're official.

App Annie, for its part, has produced a comparison of launch downloads in the US market, showing the recent release to be lagging behind the phenomenal trends we saw with Pokémon GO, but still well ahead of a conventional blockbuster hit on mobile.

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Nintendo's press release states that there are improvements to be made in helping users understand the content on offer with a purchase, which is tactful corporate-speak for "we got the in-app messaging wrong", something we and many others have highlighted. App Annie's article highlights how the abrupt purchase message after three levels is throwing players off - "of the more than 40,000 total reviews that Super Mario Run has received in the United States, more than 25% are critical reviews that mention '3 levels.'"

That is a problem that can be remedied, of course, with greater communication in the app and a change to the general game structure, perhaps. While launch momentum is tough to recover, all is not entirely lost for Nintendo. In the current day charts at the time of writing the app is still top 3 grossing in territories such as US and UK, though in Japan the free download is number one while the app is down to 16th in the grossing chart. There's work to do for Nintendo and DeNA.

It'll be interesting to see how the app evolves in the coming weeks.

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