Super Mario maker.png

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS is a notable release for the portable this Holiday season, as Nintendo aims to target a sizeable audience that likely doesn't own a Wii U. It's lacking some features seen in the home console iteration, notably online level sharing, but does have a few of its own unique selling points.

An extended showcase video has been posted by Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel to make that very point. It mostly shows long-established content and features, but does give a nice opportunity to see how the different templates look on the system. It doesn't show off any amiibo functionality though, a reference to which was spotted on an official website recently but has now been removed.

You can check it out below. We can see a bit of troublesome slowdown on occasions when the screen is particularly busy, perhaps moreso than in equivalent scenarios on Wii U. Considering the gulf between the systems, however, that's hardly surprising.

Are you interested in picking up Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, or perhaps you're sticking with the Wii U version? Let us know in the comments.