FUN FACT: There are 251 valid Pokémon in Generation II.

Pokémon GO has seen a few changes of late, with the "nearby" tracking system getting an overhaul, monsters being rebalanced and even the elusive Ditto arriving in the game, but if rumours are to be believed December could have something even more significant in store for fans.

Snoopers at PokeVS and The Silph Road have been digging around in the recently-updated code and have discovered references to 100 new monsters, including both normal and legendary variants. For reference, the Gen 2 PokéDex contains 251 monsters, and there are currently 151 monsters in the mobile game at present.

These beasts lack movesets at present, and another update is required before they go totally "live" in Pokémon GO. Data miners have also uncovered evidence of player-vs-players battles, trading and 'mon training, which are all forthcoming features previously mentioned by developer Niantic.

Gen 2 Pokémon have also been promised by Niantic, but it remains to be seen if that will be the meat of a December update. The developer has been trying to tempt lapsed users back with a double XP and Stardust event, which ends soon, so a big update at the end of the year could well be planned to ensure 2017 starts on a high note.

What do you think we'll seen next month? Let us know by posting your predictions below.