Running at a little over three minutes, the Nintendo Switch "preview" caused quite a stir when it aired last week. Nintendo's new console had been the topic of countless conversations over the past year and finally seeing it in the flesh - albeit with simulated on-screen images - was enough to send the gaming world into a spin.

Now the dust has settled on the reveal, many Nintendo fans have taken stock of the footage and are considering the ramifications of such a platform. YouTube outfit Hot Chocolate Party - creators of the Wii U and amiibo raps - have decided to take a second pass at that popular trailer and give it their own spin, with the humble Wii U GamePad standing in for the Switch.

We should point out that the footage contains bad language and a couple of instances of "gaming on the toilet", but don't let that put you off - the observations are pretty on the money. Will people use the Switch for anything more than gaming in the bathroom? Can you play Skyrim in a moving vehicle without blowing chunks? As a fully-grown adult, would you really risk ridicule by bringing your Switch along to a party? Have a watch and let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.