How many more remakes do we need?

A short while ago, the guys behind YouTube channel Hot Chocolate Party managed to summarize the perils of amiibo collecting in a funny rap video - and now they're back with a rather cutting appraisal of what it's like to own the Wii U this Christmas.

While we're keen to defend Nintendo's honour as much as possible, some of the points raised in the video are pretty amusing - a third version of Twilight Princess to look forward to next year, anyone? It also highlights just how grim the Wii U release schedule this this festive season, with Star Fox Zero delayed and Animal Crossing amiibo: Festival not being, you know, a proper Animal Crossing game. That leaves us with the perfectly serviceable (no pun intended) Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash - which the guys behind this video don't seem too pumped about. No mention of Xenoblade Chronicles X is made, so we can only assume they don't care for that, either.

Have a watch and let us know if you chuckled or if it made hot, angry steam shoot out of your ears.