Image: Nintendo

While the reveal of the Nintendo Switch was an exciting moment for plenty of fans, causing plenty of buzz online, one group of people was evidently unimpressed - investors. Nintendo's share value plunged 6.5% after the reveal, wiping out gains from earlier in the week and more besides.

With a fresh week underway the poor momentum has continued, with Nintendo's shares falling to 23,970 Yen, down another 4.82% from the start of the day. That's the lowest value in over a month.

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Image: Bloomberg

The issue this time seems to primarily revolve around Nintendo's upcoming Q2 financial reports, due to be announced on 26th October. A key factor is a report by Nikkei stating that it believes Nintendo will report a 5 billion Yen (approximately $48 million) operating loss for the first six months of this financial year; analysts have previously been estimating a 3 billion Yen profit.

All will become clear later this week when Nintendo shares its financial reports on 26th October.