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With the Nintendo Switch now revealed through an initial 'preview trailer', we've all had a first look at Nintendo's approach for its next generation of hardware. There's been plenty of positivity about it in this community, and the system has been trending and racking up 'likes' on its YouTube upload. With investors, however, the story is very different.

Following a jump after news of the reveal trailer being on the way, that and more has been lost from the company's share value in Tokyo trading on 21st October. It was a steep decline of 6.55% overall, taking Nintendo's value to its lowest point in the last month.

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Image: Bloomberg

What's prompted this? It seems that the concept simply hasn't convinced investors of its potential success. Amir Anvarzadeh, Singapore-based head of Japanese equity sales at BGC Partners Inc, states that he feels it offers too little above the smartphone experience.

It's a disappointing console. It doesn't enhance the gaming experience when you have a smartphone in your pocket.

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad is more positive about the reveal, however, stating that he thinks it's a good market area for Nintendo.

They've certainly found their place in the market and this is the most logical thing for Nintendo to do.

On mobile, to get other players to play with you you'd typically need two separate smartphones. This is a lot more inclusive and this is a good move from Nintendo.

Investor and analyst opinion is split, though this writer will admit to being surprised by the sharp drop in share value - from potential consumers and gamers, in person and online, there seemed to be a large contingent that were excited by the Switch concept.

As is always the case with share values, there'll be more fluctuations in the days and weeks to come.