While we've bemoaned aspects of the 3DS homebrew and modding community, namely hacks that cause eShop games to get taken down, some of the work done by intrepid programmers is downright fascinating. For example, do you remember when someone got Windows 95 working on a 3DS?

There's another cool example now doing the rounds, with a programmer called 'TarableCode' successfully running the Mini vMac emulator on a 3DS - recreating the iconic Macintosh Plus, the 4MB RAM version. That 4MB was impressive in 1986, and the original Plus had a price tag above $2500 when it came out. So, yeah, don't complain about the costs of Macs or PCs nowadays...

YouTuber LarBob Doomer has made a video showing it off.

It's another one of those 'because they can' bits of homebrew coding, and rather impressive to boot.

With thanks to 'G' for the tip.