There's still a sizeable group of gamers that derive great pleasure from playing retro games on their original systems. Getting the best out of these old titles, though, is always a challenge.

Systems driven by emulation and impressive HDMI mods are available to give the NES a fresh look, and now retroUSB is pitching in with a console that promises an integrated HDMI output at 720p, along with support for all past, current and prospective future NES / Famicom cartridges. The AVS, below, is currently targeting a summer release - with retroUSB hoping to get the stock in late June - at $185, depending on delivery from the manufacturers.


As you can see above some original games are on the way, and the company has also published some images to highlight the philosophy behind the system and its features.


$185 is certainly a highly competitive price, substantially undercutting the $499 (and sold out) Analogue NT. At the moment retroUSB isn't taking pre-orders for the AVS, presumably waiting for a firm release date and stock before committing to sales.

There are also plans for a wireless controller - it's said to be a few months away, however.

AVS gamepad.jpg

So, are any of the NES enthusiasts among you interested in this? Let us know - it could certainly be an intriguing system to follow.