Compare and contrast

A HDMI mod is already in the works for the N64, and allows you to get the best possible picture out of the vintage system. However, that's not the only modification which brings retro hardware bang up to date - there's a similar mod available for the older NES which performs the same trick.

Available via Game-Tech, the Hi-Def NES mod not only cleans up the picture dramatically, it comes with a wide range of additional benefits:

  • Zero lag HDMI generated by your real NES - no frame buffer
  • All signals, video and audio, are all digitally created therefore noise free. No analog conversion in the kit!
  • Fits into top loading and front loading NES units, as well as AV Famicom's. More consoles are being tested, including the Sharp Titler.
  • Automatic PAL/NTSC chipset detection.
  • Three NTSC video modes: 480p, 720p, 1080p 60fps (NTSC CPU/PPU only)
  • Three PAL video modes: 576p, 720p, 1080p 50fps (PAL CPU/PPU only)
  • Four selectable palettes.
  • Five scaling methods.
  • Cropping on all four edges of the screen.
  • Fully adjustable scanlines.
  • Width adjustment to fine tune aspect ratio.
  • The Hi-Def NES circuitry replaces the existing power with a more efficient design.
  • Expansion audio is generated without the actual hardware in the cart, so if you have a rom with exp audio on your flash cart just turn on the option in the hi-def and it will work!
  • Complete extended audio chip support: VRC6, VRC7, MMC5, N163, Sunsoft 5B and FDS.
  • Realtime audio register viewer.
  • Each audio channel is fully pannable.
  • Countdown timer on the main menu that starts on powerup, for people timing speed runs.
  • Reconfigurable hotkeys that can reset the system, overclock, underclock, and get into the menu.
  • Software upgradable by using .nes file on flash cart or burned to EPROMs.

My Life In Gaming - the same chaps who did such amazing coverage of the N64 HDMI mod - have put together another video which shows this incredible mod in action. Have a look and let us know if this is the kind of thing you'd like installing on your classic console.