Coming soon to a theater near you

It could certainly be argued that the original Game Boy owes a large chunk of its initial success to Tetris. Released as a pack-in game with every Game Boy, the simple yet addictive falling block game took the world by storm, instantly cementing itself as a large piece of gaming history. Tetris has sold hundreds of millions of copies and has taken the world record for the most ported game ever, so it comes as no surprise then that there would be an inevitable movie adaptation.

Threshold Global Studios has recently cemented its plans to make a Tetris movie, stating that filming will begin in China next year. The project is being given an $80 million budget and will star a Chinese cast in what is being described as a sci-fi thriller. Naturally, one must wonder what a studio could possibly do to spin an interesting yarn around this classic game in one movie, let alone three, but Larry Kasanoff – the film's producer – says that it's "not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise." Only time will tell, but this will certainly be a fascinating subject to follow for the next few years.

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