It's amazing that still to this day, quirks and hidden information in the video games of yesteryear are still being surfaced from players around the world.

The latest addition to this is NES classic Super Mario Bros. 3. For those accustomed with this title, you'll know that when our heroic plumber becomes Hammer Mario, he can't slide down slopes due to retreating into his shell when the player ducks. However, a sliding sprite for Hammer Mario has recently been brought to light and can be seen in a bonus room of level 6-10. In order to see it, Mario must already be sliding down the slope while acquiring the Hammer Suit power-up.

What's interesting here is that although the chance of encountering this animation in everyday gameplay is rare due to how situational the scenario must be, Nintendo still included the animation sprite within the game's code.

Let us know below your favourite memory of coming across something new upon revisiting a video game.