We weren't fussed about realism back in the day
We weren't fussed about realism back in the day

GoldenEye 007 is a stone cold classic, even if modern TVs and wobbly N64 controller joysticks do it few favours. Credited by some as a vital release for the FPS genre on consoles, it stands as one of Rare's greatest games.

Of course, the fact that licensing issues have left it in the annals of history is a pity, meaning we have to dust off our old console and cartridge to enjoy it. Nevertheless it's a popular target for mods, and an upcoming project is bolting it into the mechanics of another FPS classic - Doom.

Goldeneye 007 tc is promising a substantial reworking, with the eager modders giving the following details.

But there are going to be many changes, such as the heavy use of 3d floors and dynamic lights, advanced weapons, and much much more. Work has commenced and is moving quickly, so expect a demo of the first level by around the end of the month.

Here are some of the planned features

~Comic book style cutscenes, similar to action doom 2

~Redesigned and reworked levels

~More Bond One liners

~3 model for the tank in the chase level

~ACS scripted events

~much much more cool stuff

It's not the first time these games have been blended together, but nevertheless this looks like a promising effort - if you're into this sort of thing.

In any case, check it out below - for England?

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