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PAX East is landing in Boston from 22nd-24th April, which is making the city a hot destination for the coming weekend. Nintendo will be there, of course, and it's outlined what it'll have to offer.

In terms of games there'll be the first chance (outside of Japan) for the public to play one of the Summer's most intriguing Wii U games, while the 3DS will have playable builds of a couple of key releases too:

Wii U

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It's also been confirmed that there'll be a panel for Bravely Second: End Layer on on 24th August at 1pm Eastern, taking place at the Dragonfly Theatre. Developers from Square Enix will be presenting that panel and taking a Q & A, and they'll also be at the Nintendo booth the day before (23rd April) from 11am - 1pm Eastern to meet gamers, sign autographs etc.

Nintendo's also keen to point out that upcoming Wii U eShop arrivals Axiom Verge and Tumblestone will be playable at the respective developer's own booths.

Are you heading along to PAX East? If so let us know what you're keen to play and try out.