MHG Okami.png

Okami is now 10 years old, a classic title developed by Clover Studio for Capcom; though the studio would close and see its staff move on to found development houses such as PlatinumGames, in some cases, Okami is regarded fondly by many. This writer will continue to espouse its merits until the end-times, and its Wii release made excellent use of the system's Remote.

Capcom clearly knows it has a special game in its catalogue, and has now confirmed that a Felyne outfit based on it will come to Monster Hunter Generations. Notably it's the Western publicity arm promoting it, so we can be sure that it'll be part of presumably expansive DLC for the Summer release - other extras that have been previously confirmed include Fire Emblem-themed goodies.

You can see a trailer for it below - if this game wasn't already a must-have, this surely pushes a few observers off the fence.