Not so fast?!

Some photos from Tomy's New York Toy Fair booth have shed light on Sega's Sonic-related plans for 2016, and while the information can't be considered totally accurate, it's should be enough to worry the most dedicated of fans.

First up, Tomy seems to think that Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice won't be appearing on the 3DS until fall this year - which means the game will have missed its original release date by around 12 months. It was supposed to come out in time for Christmas 2015, but slipped into 2016.

Secondly, Tomy only gives details on Fire & Ice and Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games, which - on face value, at least - seems to indicate that no other Sonic games are planned for this, his 25th birthday year.

Now there's a good chance that Sega simply hasn't divulged any information regarding other Sonic titles to licensees like Tomy, hence the fact that the toy maker only thinks two Sonic games are coming this year. It could be that Sega is keeping any other projects under wraps. We'll leave you to decide if that's the case, but in the meantime, let us know if you're disappointed that Fire & Ice isn't coming until later in the year.